Jersey Environment awarded top priority by Government

Exciting times. I was delighted to be part of yesterdays publication of our Common Strategic Priorities for the next four years. This is the first time Jersey’s government has comprehensively embraced the commitment which people in Jersey have for our special island. These priorities were produced jointly with all my colleague Ministers and the brilliant team of officers we have at our service under our new one government structure. Our former Environment department may have passed into history but it has expanded now into a whole government committed to the care of Jersey. This massive change offers the potential for unlocking vital resources to be allocated for 2020 onwards which will be key to achieving our long term tasks particularly but not only in improving our town and built environment and e.g tackling the damaging impact of traffic. Over the past two months much detailed work has been done starting to put more flesh on the bones and is ready for publication very shortly. This work in progress will continue into 2019 and beyond as part of a stakeholder and public engagement programme. The new Island Plan will be key and scoping work will start in 2019 .

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