My Policy Aims – Social

My social policy aims include:

  • Introduce independent personal taxation
  • Review of our personal tax system and integrate with Social Security, removing the contributions cap
  • Modify Zero Ten tax to tax locally operating service corporates with non- resident owners into tax.
  • Strengthen vocational education
  • States ombudsman to investigate injustice
  • Improved access to affordable child care and nursery education
  • Greater resources for primary health care with States run local health centres

In recent years the gap between Jersey’s haves and have nots has worsened. The imposition of crudely based stealth taxes and imposition of charges on front- line services like child care will increase that division. Middle Jersey has taken far too big a hit compered with the very wealthy.  I will press for independent personal taxation to be introduced with universal tax allowances to improve fairness and equity. I want a review of the personal tax system to remove the distortions caused by our (marginal rate and standard rate) personal tax system. The social security contributions cap can no longer be justified and should be removed.

We cannot continue to allow the export of profits tax free by corporate service businesses which are owned outside the island and trade in Jersey sometimes with the benefit of income support paid to their low wage employees. This undermines local businesses and inhibits their investing. Zero-Ten can be adapted.

We must maintain a high quality of life in Jersey. We have a strong community spirit. We must strive to maintain this independent strength of the Islands character and not let the economic and social pressures undermine it. The Community services and voluntary sector should be supported, they can provide services more cost effectively than government and adapt more rapidly to change.

Our education system needs to provide vocational skills training necessary to met the needs of the construction industry and creative/IT sectors. Action is required to make child care more affordable for working families.

I want to see States intervention by acquiring brown field sites for first-time buyer housing developments. We should be building new homes for the over 65’s in each parish, releasing their family homes for younger families.

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