Planning Policies to Save Jersey

If elected I am determined to achieve and implement Planning policies which ensure Jersey remains a special place.

I will work with the Planning Minister and others;

• To ensure all developments establish a strong sense of place which respects the special character of Jersey whether town or country.
• To prevent our coasts from becoming Costa del Jersey by extending and strengthening the shoreline zone policy
• To ensure town becomes a place where people want to live
• To ensure all new buildings enhance the setting of existing buildings, make a positive contribution to the urban environment and respect the   scale of their surroundings
• Establish improvement areas in town and designate conservation areas
• Strengthen the Island Plan policies which conserve our countryside
• Review the Island Plan policies to limit the impact of large replacement single dwellings.
• Identify and acquire brown field sites throughout the island for affordable housing developments
• Zone land in the Urban areas for more public open green spaces, parks and play areas
• Put a stop to town cramming
• Produce a town development Plan which includes Integration of the waterfront with St Helier for mixed use, homes and public uses

I will work with the Infrastructure Minister and others to achieve urban improvements:

• more public open green spaces, parks and play areas, community centres, better pavements, better crossings, tree lined streets, a hopper    bus, and cycle paths.
• reduce the adverse impact of traffic on residential communities.

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