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A compromise solution proposed by the Constable to the problems of car parking in St Aubin did not find support at the recent Parish Assembly. The Parish has been given notice by the Infrastructure Department that the Parish Hall car park must loose its free disc parking and pay cards introduced. This unsatisfactory decision has to be reviewed and choices will be required balancing the competing interests, which can only be achieved by more consultation with local residents and village businesses. A safety audit of St Aubin’s shared vehicle/pedestrian junction is also required in the light of the tragedy in St Helier. I am concerned about the safety of cycles using Mont Les Vaux and would like explore improvements.

The recent planning decision to allow the despoliation of Wayside in the coastal strip of St Brelades Bay which will reduce open views and public access to the sea, is further urbanisation of our coastline. Such ruination, following on from the overdevelopment of the former Zanzibar site next door for a wealthy resident in the bay will lead to Costa del Jersey if allowed to continue unchecked. The decision overrides the amendment to the Island Plan which I successfully brought in 2014 to protect the bay from over development. If elected I will ensure (by seeking office or bringing propositions) that the power of planning law is used to PROPERLY protect our coasts as it is intended to do. Our coastline belongs to us all and is not the exclusive province of the wealthy.

In the meantime if you have views on these matters or others which you wish to see given attention and priority, please leave me a comment or email me at jhyoung@suakin.com .

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