2016 Policies – Environment

My policy priorities for the environment include:

  • Sustainable population –limiting growth
  • Protecting our coast and countryside.
  • A town development plan to regenerate urban area
  • Restoring the St Helier waterfront to the community
  • Improved traffic management
  • Increased recycling of waste
  • Improved public transport
  • Promote renewable energy

Our urban areas have to be transformed into places where people want to live.  A major initiative to improve our town area is required. Traffic management, open space provision, improvement areas, redevelopment of empty offices to homes, major public infrastructure e.g.  revival of Fort Regent have all to be included. The St Helier waterfront master plan has to be reviewed and the potential for public and community uses have to be given greater priority. This area cannot continue to be developed at the expense of running down the back streets, this area has to be part of  a holistic town development plan. The expensive States of Jersey Development Company can no longer be justified. It should be reviewed and its functions taken back within government.

We should pursue the development of utility scale renewable energy which offers the potential for the  new skills, new businesses and jobs.

The Island is still under pressure from development of our coast and countryside.  Planning matters require continued vigilance and scrutiny; we have seen too many out of scale developments which have changed our Island for ever. We must work to keep our Coastal National Park largely unspoiled.

I want to see the new Planning appeals system reviewed and the Planning Inspectors to have full jurisdiction. It cannot be right that their carefully recommendations on appeals are overridden on ministerial whim as in Green St , in a recent appeal.

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