My Policy aims – Economic

My policy aims for our Economy :

  • Support our finance industry
  • Cultural, heritage and environmental tourism
  • Encouragement of the digital and creative sectors
  • Improvement in our local skill base
  • Promote utility scale renewable energy
  • More sustainable ¬†agriculture

I will continue to support the advance to work scheme and other initiatives introduced by Social Security which have ameliorated the loss of local jobs. We must support new enterprises with local job creation programmes.

We must continue to support our finance industry which needs to adapt to the new international policy landscape against tax avoidance and accept more rigorous new regulation against Jersey being used to harbour illegal money. We have to recognise that our Finance sector is unlikely to replicate its past economic growth. I will work to help this industry diversify.

I will press for a review of of the zero ten corporate tax structure. I want to halt the leakage of locally generated operating profits exported  free of local tax by non locally owned service corporates , which are subsidised by income support payments to low wage employees. We must encourage locally owned businesses.

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