Manifesto for 2016

Since the last election, the Council of Ministers has pursued policies which are out of touch with public opinion.  Their isolated approach has eroded public confidence. We need a Senator who can combine honesty with independent thinking and bring about a new approach.

Key Issues

  • Public spending is no longer under effective control. The States departmental silos remain intact and the Civil Service is top heavy with layers of management and bureaucracy. Public sector transformation needs a new approach.
  • The cuts are hitting the wrong people. The proposed health and hospital charges are disguised tax increases. We should freeze tax increases and halt cuts to front line services, until the States house is in order.
  • We need reform of our tax system for greater fairness including taxing the profits of non locally owned trading businesses.
  • We need to modernise State Pensions.
  • We need to control our population growth to reduce the demand for public services and future investment in infrastructure, and to prevent the need for “town cramming “which damages the quality of life for town residents.
  • We need to establish Urban Improvement Areas to regenerate the back streets of town and reclaim the residential streets from traffic.
  • We need to conserve the quality of life in Jersey and ensure a sustainable long term future.
  • We need to improve inter-island cooperation in all sectors to protect our economy post Brexit.

For policy detail for 2016 , please refer to

The new Senator will have only twenty months in office. They will require experience of the States to take opportunities and win the support of back benchers to policy changes. I have that knowledge and experience and will be able to hit the ground running from the very first States sitting.  It will also require hard work .

My track record of achievement proves I can offer both. If elected, I will:

  • resign my employment to dedicate myself to the public;
  • constructively challenge the Council of Ministers;
  • work to correct the policy failures;
  • work to find better solutions to our problems.
  • take every opportunity to pursue my policies
  • lodge an amendment to the MTFP to freeze the proposed new taxes

Please leave me a comment,  phone or email me a question. I will do my best to reply

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