2018 Election Declaration


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Historic Alderney

Working in Jersey’s excellent reference library during Liberation week I came across some very  interesting historic engravings of Alderney I had not seen before.

Dates and artists too indistinct to read.   Photographed from books published by Robert Mudie and Admiral Sir James Saumerez and John Jacob,  on the Channel Islands and British Norman Isles, Published circa 1830  in Guernsey, Paris and London.  




 Braye Bay before the construction of the breakwater, Fort Grosnez and Fort Albert


The Old Church with clock tower still standing, Government House ,Connaught square 


Le Huret St Anne 


Essex Hill , Longis

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Alderney – Ultimate in Small Government

Here is my second article on Alderney after two years working for their government. My experience offers lessons for Jersey . How the Island has adapted to living within limited resources and how its people have developed the resilience to cope with adversity. And for Guernsey, under whose stewardship the Island is just about holding its own due to its people but the Island is slowly dying unless Guernsey provides the financial support and capital investment Alderney needs to help it become more self sufficient .

Guernsey  should reflect on its stewardship of Alderney to ensure the Island’s long term future.  The historic divisions which for so long have reinforced insular jealousies should be put aside by all our politicians. They need to work together more cooperatively on the huge post Brexit challenges which face all Channel Islanders


Published by RURAL Jersey Country Life Magazine April 2017






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Alderney Land Use Plan

Despite the huge difficulties of my weekly commute to Alderney from Jersey since 2015 , I am really proud of being part of  this project which is vital to the future of Alderney. In 2016 Phase 1 was completed and Phase 2 is well advanced . Follow this link for update and access to the newly published economic development , environment and heritage strategies which form the input to the draft LUP. Also listen to this BBC Radio Guernsey news item of 17 Feb 2017




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Who cares for our environment ?


The recent state of the environment report was truly shocking, reporting red rights to the nitrate level in our water supplies which the highest in Europe, Ground water pollution from pesticides , and heavy metal run off from urban areas , huge decline of our wildlife through loss of habitat. Our recycling of waste falls well short of our capability.

We can no longer afford to take our environment for granted.  At the last bye election there was no focus on green policy issues.  Understandably the short term crisis we face took priority.

But all of us need to look to the longer term future of Jersey.  We must be open to more radical policies which have long term environmental benefit. We have to control our population .We need States priorities to give greater priority to environment.


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New Call for Inter Island Travel Improvements


Inter- Island travel is too expensive , difficult and unreliable.  It is adversely effecting our businesses , and damaging cultural and sporting links between the Islands.

In his new article, John Young calls for Jersey and Guernsey politicians to urgently work together to secure improved Inter Island sea and air links .

Published today in Rural Jersey Country Life magazine , he draws on his experience commuting between Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney , especially the huge problems faced by Alderney from Aurigny’s reduction in their vital lifeline links under their Guernsey States shareholder direction .

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Thank you to all my supporters

A sincere thank you to all 1240 people who turned out yesterday and voted for me , placing me overall fourth in this by -election . Thank you to all who accessed my website , and posted messages of support on facebook pages, and the encouragement I was given during the long hustings roadshow. A special thanks to the voters of my home parish in St Brelade , who placed me third in the running after Sarah and Sam.

There are lots of political messages which can be drawn from the result and the low turnout. Now is not the time to air them, will do on that on these pages in days to come


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Election day Audio – why Vote for John


Download and Play MP4 Audio

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My Improvement Plan for St Helier town , fringes and Waterfront

At last nights St Helier hustings, I outlined the Council of Ministers broken promises to mitigate the impact of fast growing population on the life of town residents.  Half of Jerseys people live here, where the quality of life is being badly damaged by neglect and policy failures.

I highlighted the lack of an urban development plan , the stupidity of allocating strategic planning decisions to the Infrastructure Minister, failure of the Planning Minister to recognize the importance of quality of urban environment to the whole community , failure to integrate waterfront developments with the town , failure to manage traffic rat runs , the need for improvement areas, the need for town residents to have a bigger say in Planning decisions and the need for investment from the strategic reserve in public infrastructure, more open space, community facilities.

Here is my speech . If elected I will publish a policy paper which will form the basis of a report and proposition to the States .


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JEP Hustings Cartoon


I love last nights cartoon in JEP

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