Jersey Environment awarded top priority by Government

Exciting times. I was delighted to be part of yesterdays publication of our Common Strategic Priorities for the next four years. This is the first time Jersey’s government has comprehensively embraced the commitment which people in Jersey have for our special island. These priorities were produced jointly with all my colleague Ministers and the brilliant team of officers we have at our service under our new one government structure. Our former Environment department may have passed into history but it has expanded now into a whole government committed to the care of Jersey. This massive change offers the potential for unlocking vital resources to be allocated for 2020 onwards which will be key to achieving our long term tasks particularly but not only in improving our town and built environment and e.g tackling the damaging impact of traffic. Over the past two months much detailed work has been done starting to put more flesh on the bones and is ready for publication very shortly. This work in progress will continue into 2019 and beyond as part of a stakeholder and public engagement programme. The new Island Plan will be key and scoping work will start in 2019 .

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JEP INTERVIEW July 2018 – My New Job


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End of an Era – Our Environment Dept passes into history

IMG_0679John Young
It was a joy for me in my role as Minister and Greg as Assistant Minister to join the environment team at their summer event. I was surprised to learn from Chief Officer Andy Scate’s surprise announcement of an email he had received only that day instructing him that Friday was the end of an era – the Environment Department is no more. It has joined the list of States departments. passed into history i.e IDC, agriculture and fisheries , as a result of States organisational change. Since 1960’s Jersey has had a Department dedicated to the stewardship of our island, and built up huge expertise and several generation of quality teams. Thank fully they will be still be there but under new management. It will be for us as Jersey politicians to make sure our environment remains a priority.
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JEP Comment 12 June18

Am puzzled by todays Andy Jones JEP column – about my speech citing me as – Deputy Pope , Master of the broad brush , Napoleon (on FB ), really ? . Planning and Environment is a very broad portfolio . Please check out my actual speech


What was i reported to have said ?


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Nomination Speech

On 7 June 2018 I was privileged to be nominated by the Chief Minister in an election to be Environment Minister . Here is my the text of my ten minute speech to States members which sets out my policy direction which I will be developing with the new COM .


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Thank you

I would like to thank all constituents and supporters who have encouraged and helped me throughout the years , in preparation for todays election for Jersey environment minister.

It was good to have an election and I want to put on record my thanks and acknowledgment of the fine work done by Deputy Luce in the rural environment . It was a very close result indeed 24-23 in my favour with 1 abstention .  Probably the agenda for future urban and planning policy made the small difference between us . I will do very best to fulfil the trust placed in me today.

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Ministerial Elections today

A huge day Thursday 7 June . Jersey  Chief Minister Elect John Le Fondre is presenting his nominations for Ministerial appointments . I am very proud to have been nominated by John for Environment Minister , a role which I have been aspiring to and working for ever since first elected in 2011 and my work subsequently . I am pleased that there is almost certainly going to be another nomination , which reflects the importance of this role for Jersey. It is good for democracy that the merits of candidates and policy issues are weighed up by members . The election is likely to be this afternoon. I am going to give it my very best .


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Ultimate in Small Government


Alderney Government Article - Spring 2017

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Island Plan Review -Introduction

Caring for our Island , our environment 

A snapshot of the big Island Plan issues which the new States and the public will have to decide. (Excuse informal attire)

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JEP Supplement – my responses

As the JEP has not included responses to their election questionnaire in todays supplement because of being elected unopposed, I am publishing my responses for the benefit of electors.


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