Life continues after the election

For several months I sought to fulfil my commitment to the members of the public whose had personal grievances against States departments requiring my assistance at the time of my election defeat . My access to States departments and information was cut off and my States email account on which i depended , was closed . Eventually I was  provided with copies of all my incoming and outgoing emails while a States Member.  I continued to try to help people and have assisted a group of residents to complete an agreement I had previously negotiated .

In March 2015 whilst on  a visit to Alderney , where i have been  a frequent vistor since undertaking a Planning Inquiry in 2004 ,  i was invited to take up the position of the  Islands Planning Officer and to review their Island Plan and Planning law  . I commenced work  in June 2015 and since then have made fortnightly return visits to Jersey.  I have also made commitments to help people in Jersey tribunals and hearings in the next few months.

My article on Alderney in the Spring 2016 edition of the excellent Rural Jersey Country Life magazine may be worth a read



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