Why I stood for Election as Senator

In 2011,  pledged to make a difference in the States, having made a commitment to reform our planning system following the public outcry about the Portelet development. I had gaven up my job as practice director of a local law firm to work full time as a States member for three years.  I  fulfilled these promises to the people in my district and demonstrated the commitment to take on the task of Island wide policy. I could have stayed as deputy but felt the long term policy challenges required an all island senatorial mandate.

In 2014 I stood for election as Senator , because despite the state of denial by Ministers ,  I was certain we faced a structural deficit in States finances .  At that time none of the ministers accepted that we were living beyond of means. The  needs of our health service and the imperative of public sector modernisation to moderate the excesses  of the the bloated public sector are all imperatives .I felt our elected Ministers simply lack  the ability to reconnect with the public across all sectors of our community or able able to restore lost trust and confidence.  Since the election they  have shown this in spades . Their Leadership is simply weak and joined up government is an illusions

Having been unsuccessful life continued , but now in 2018 major challenges remain

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