My Record in the States

I was re-elected Deputy of Sr Brelade in 2018 , elected Environment Minister serving until standing down in June 2022

States roles during 2011-14 have been

  • Chairman of the Environment Scrutiny Panel
  • Member of the Machinery of Government Review Sub – Committee
  • Member of the Chairman’s Committee
  • Member of the Privileges and Procedures Committee
  • Member of the Chief Ministers Access to Justice Group.

I have taken up many individual grievances in housing needs, employment, taxi licencing, population control and many Planning cases. I have represented people before Ministers, Departments, the States Complaints Board and assisted several planning appellants before the Royal Court

I have worked to hold Ministers to account, regularly tabled questions, lodged many amendments and private members propositions. As chair of the Environment Scrutiny Panel I have carried out scrutiny reviews of TTS and Environment

In addition on-going review of the new bus contract, planning reforms, energy efficiency scheme, asbestos removal and quarterly public hearings

Several of my private members propositions have been approved by the States:

  • a fairer planning appeals system
  • greater safeguards for planning decisions
  • improved Island plan policies and new environmental safeguards
  • protection for St Brelades Bay
  • ensured the protection of the Coastal national park
  • greater tax relief for charitable donations
  • retention of survivor’s pensions for 55 year olds
  • halted the sale of historic Piquet House
  • an amendment to the 2014 Budget relieving first time buyers from stamp duty in purchase of properties up to £450K

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